We take into account the following principles in our educational project:

  • Personal Education that encourages an integral upbringing in knowledge, skills and moral values within students lives.
  • Participation and collaboration from parents and tutors to achieve and enrich fulfilment in our students.
  • Effective equal rights between sexes, rejection of all types of discrimination and respect towards all cultures.
  • Development of creativity and critical attitude.
  • Encourage democratic behaviour.
  • The pedagogical independence of the centre within the limits established by the law, as well as the investigating activity of the teacher in his/her educational practice.
  • The psycho-pedagogical assistance and educational and professional assistance.
  • Active methodology to secure the students participation in all the processes of teaching and learning.
  • Assessment of teaching and learning processes and the diverse elements of the system.
  • Preventative measures to develop the specific capabilities, so that the student does not develop bad practice in his/her learning.
  • The relationship within the social and economic environment.
  • Education on respect and defence of the natural environment.

Summary of Valdeserra Educational