Teaching staff:

  • Irene Oset Romera.
  • Isabel Muñoz Toledo.
  • Mª Francisca García Maldonado.
  • Noelia Valenzuela Vicente.
  • Miriam Milán López del Castillo.

Our guidance department is there to get to know the students personally; this is to ensure that their needs within the school are being meet so that they can achieve better qualifications.

    Its functions are:

  • Assist students through every step of their educational development: group-school adaptation, progression of each cycle or stage, optional subjects choice, choice of educational options and/or professional alternatives.
  • Ensure that there is a seamless coordination between support lessons teachers and subjects teachers, to ensure connection and continuity on both works normal and support lessons.

The purpose of this department is to support, guide, and contribute to improve parents, teachers and students tasks on the teaching-learning process.

Los The participation schedule for the Guidance Department is:

  • Tutors Performance:This is carried out along side students, parents and teachers.
    • This is to improve and assist with personal development, every day life, school life and participation for all students.
    • Keeping up to date with the academic assessment to ensure that the student is not failing in his/her development.
    • To make decisions concerning the academic and school career for each individual.
  • Academic and professional guide:The intention is to:
    • This is to raise self motivation, encourage self knowledge, motivational skills and get them thinking in a clear and realistic manner.
    • Assist students in decision taking in regard to their future choice of career, guiding them with their skills, interests and attitudes.
    • Advise students and their parents with career choices and further education options.
  • Measures giving attention to diversity:
    • We will ascertain and support any problems within written or oral language.
    • Advice teachers on the development, tracking and evaluation of different measures, giving attention to diversity (single curricular adaptation).
    • We will constantly asses, design and coordinate all of the groups within the school to include the curriculum and extra curriculum activities.
    • We will complete individual ability assessments and make recommendations as to how things can improve.