As in previous years, ValdeSerra School has filled up its classes with small investigators excited with the idea of experimenting and discovering water in all its forms, as well as realizing about the importance that it has for all living things.

During these days there have been lots of activities completed. Starting the first day with the showing of a documentary in which each stage has seen and learnt the importance of water in our everyday lives, it’s rejuvenation, the water cycle, the use in renewable energy and a world without usable water.

On the second day we made windmills, a water sphere, did a practical activity where different water solutions were prepared and the colours are determined according to the different density. Students from fourth year of secondary and bachillerato have enjoyed a talk about energy and a visit to the coal generation plant in Villaricos. Thank you very much, Nelson, for your work and effort!

To finish our Science week, large murals were created to reflect all the things that had been learnt in these days. Our students from upper secondary and bachillerato analyzed the water contents from a nearby lagoon.

One more year we filled our classes with the natural world and investigation, transmitting our knowledge enthusiastically and as our Science motto for this year says “Exploring Science with Energy”.