Valdeserra college students from different high school levels have entered into the world of 3D printing and design. The school currently has two 3D printers and computer media where they are taught to design and edit objects that can later be printed. The goal is to learn how to design through computer software, as well […]


Like every year… this is our 11th school year, we celebrated our Christmas Party at Valdeserra School. Everyone, students and teachers prepared with great enthusiasm all the songs and dances to wish you a happy holidays. The students families and friends came to share this time with them, having a great morning. See you next […]

Travelling in the time

Our students of year 5th and 6th of Primary visited La Alcazaba, an impressive medieval monument of “al-Andalus. They entered the two Islamic areas and the Christian castle, discovering the wells with ferris wheels, cisterns, fruit trees, canalizations and archaeological remains. They enjoyed the different interpretative spaces of the two Islamic towers, where the teachers […]


In the Cultural week, the Spanish Language Department (Humanities, Spanish language and literature), we joined together so that our ESO students participated in these subjects. Each year group have created a project (El Dorado, Colchis, Troy…) and they had to look for: the situation (represented in map), the place, the time, poems, films, literature… The […]